Vets, Pets, and Their People: The Evolution of Veterinary Care

“The role of our pets in our lives has certainly changed over the years. Dogs and cats have gone from largely utilitarian, or at least taken-for-granted positions as animals who lived in the yard, wandered the neighborhood and slept in a modest shelter, to family members that share our lives in many ways. They interact with our children and have assumed roles not just as companions but as pseudo siblings. Our pets live intimately with senior citizens, disabled and chronically ill family members and add greatly to the quality of life for the people who share their lives.

Once, pets were considered expendable… now, for most of us, they are virtually irreplaceable. The role of your veterinarian has evolved as well. In the not too distant past the veterinarian’s role was almost exclusively to intervene when pets were injured or sick. Today, veterinarians play a much greater role in the early detection and control as well as the prevention of disease.  Veterinarians are also educators and they are dedicated to supporting you in sharing and enjoying your pet as long as possible. That means a visit to the veterinarian may look a lot different than it did in the past when intervention was more important and prevention and counseling played a lesser role.”

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