CV Writing Tips

  • Do make sure that you have your name and contact information (including email and phone) prominently displayed at the top of each page
  • Do put your credentials after your name on your CV -For example:  Jane Doe, DVM, ACVIM
  • Do remember to KISS your CV—Keep It Short and Sweet
  • Do remember to ASK what an employer would need to know and only give them that information—Abilities, Skills and Knowledge
  • Do proofread and have a friend proofread as well
  • Don’t give personal information—dates of birth, marital status, number of kids, etc.
  • Don’t include hobbies, personal interests or non-work related association memberships
  • Don’t have a CV over 5 pages (You don’t want the reader to feel overwhelmed)
  • Don’t use dramatic fonts, formatting, pictures or icons


***Remember that the point of your CV is to give an employer a brief introduction of who you are professionally so they will want to pick up the phone and get to know you on a more personal and philosophical level***

The consultants at BlackwellKing are always available to answer any questions and to give you constructive feedback on your CV. Please feel free to contact us at anytime.