BlackwellKing is looking for an ophthalmologist to join an existing specialist team in providing superior 24 hour specialty veterinary care in the Pacific Northwest. They easily encourage their staff to achieve work/life balance because they are surrounded by the beautiful outdoor playground that is the Pacific Northwest. The Coast range, Cascade Mountains, high desert and wine country are all within driving distance and the Hawaiian Islands and Mexico are a mere ‘hop’ away.

The existing specialties include internal medicine, oncology, emergency, critical care, dentistry, and dermatology. Their new state of the art facility boasts four surgical suites, separated by a sterile hallway from the rest of the hospital, dedicated surgical prep and pack areas with easy access to imaging and intensive care unit.

The hospital has cutting-edge diagnostic, therapeutic and monitoring equipment. These include a complete laboratory (CBC/Chemistry/I-Stat/Coag), monitoring devices (Telemetry/NIBP/ Invasive BP/telemetry), digital radiography, multiple ultrasound units, anesthetic and critical care ventilators and OEC 9800 fluoroscopy with a neurology vascular package. It is also equipped with complete endoscopic towers, therapeutic diode and cold lasers and we are leading the interventional medicine charge in the Pacific Northwest. A hyperbaric oxygen chamber, 64 slice CT and 1.5T MRI will be onsite in the new facility as well.

Contact Billy Grandizio today for more information: Billy@blackwellking.com