In 2009, BlackwellKing was founded with a love for veterinary medicine and a spirited objective to collaborate and create positive changes in the veterinary industry, while leading the way in specialty recruiting.  BWK currently works with over 200 industry leaders and hospital owners to find them exceptional candidates and consult with them on industry trends.

Utilizing the relationships established by recruiting veterinary specialists, we have expanded our services to include recruiting for:

  • Medical Directors
  • Emergency Doctors
  • General Practice Doctors
  • Technicians
  • Practice/Hospital Managers

We have dedicated Change Consultants that focus on each of these disciplines and Client Managers to keep the lines of communication open with our clients (e.g. hospitals, universities). Our knowledgeable team is THE Match Makers of the veterinary world. We pride ourselves on finding the right person for the right position, and we value building long-term relationships.